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WizLAN offers a broad range of managed/unmanaged, standalone and chassis based fiber optic connectivity and access products, catering for various markets, functions, and network protocols.

Browse through this Product catalog to take a general look at all our offerings, or use our smart Product Search tool to find specific products.


WizLAN offers a variety of high-end, managed and unmanaged chassis based switch modules, self contained access switches, workgroup switches and installation switches.
Cyber Security
WizLAN offers state of the art approved Network/Data Diodes, w/wo data/file transfer SW application.
Access Devices
WizLAN's wise choice of managed or unmanaged access devices cater for different environments such as multimedia residential access, office access and industrial access.
Outdoor & Industarial
WizLAN provides variety of outdoor and industrial products suitable for harsh industrial, control, security and surveilance networks.
Media Converters/Repeaters
WizLAN offers a wise choice of managed/unmanaged transparent/switch-based media converters/repeaters (copper to fiber/fiber to fiber).
CWDM Multiplexer & Interface Modules
WizLANís CWDM multiplexers, demultiplexer and interface modules offer cost-effective wavelength bundling solutions for optical transport.
Management & Add-on Products
WizLAN offers partners management and service applications, as well as a range of pigtails and jumpers.
WizLAN's AS400 offering include active and passive stars, fiber optic multiplexers and converters for traditional IBM networks.
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