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Company Profile


Market Orientation

LAN technology has evolved as the building block of global communications. It has expanded immensely, to accommodate wider scaled networks, now encompassing Metro, Office and Residential access areas. The outcome is a growing demand for more fiber optic connections, a greater supply of access devices, advanced security, more sophisticated features, and suitable management capabilities. WizLAN rises to these challenges, offering product lines that give you Freedom of Connectivity. With WizLAN as your connectivity partner, you will benefit from a diverse choice of top notch network connectivity, access and security solutions.

Product Lines 

WizLAN offers a range of affordable product lines based mainly on LAN protocols:

  • WizLAN’s Metro Connectivity solutions are geared for service operators. These products are based on high-end, fully managed modular connectivity centers (chassis based products) providing switch, converter and repeater modules, standalone telco-grade devices as well as CWDM solutions.Geared for leased links, last mile access, daisy chain and ring fiber optics networks, these products provide advanced in/out-of-band management features, enhanced functionality as well as security and control capabilities.
  • WizLAN’s Cyber Security solutions provide approved Network Diodes as well as Industrial/outdoor Gigabit PoE switch that enables data forwarding secutity.
  • WizLAN’s Industrial Outdoor PoE Switches provide utmost port/connectivity flexibility as well as support for 60W PoE, 15/30W PoE (802.3af and at).
  • For Corporate and Office networks, WizLAN offers a choice of standalone access devices and installation switches, as well as advanced modular connectivity centers, providing advanced switching and conversion capabilities correspondingly. Equipped with multiple access ports and advanced management capabilities, WizLAN's distributed architecture solutions help create cost-effective, manageable and secured corporate networks.
  • WizLAN’s Residential Access products include a collection of reliable service orientated devices, facilitating different levels and combinations of services. These products can bring service operators to the forefront of the LAN to Home market, by offering subscribers a greater number of services, including broadband access, IP telephony, traditional and digital TV and home alert services.
  • WizLAN’s offerings for the industrial and extended network environment are based on robust industrial technology and components, with different versions supporting extended temperature range (ETR), industrial temperature range (IND), or MIL-Spec capabilities. 
  • WizLAN's products are available with a choice of fiber optic interfaces, supporting multimode and single mode fibers, with various duplex or simplex connectors.


WizLAN was founded in 1996 in Haifa Israel, by it’s core group of networking experts. Today the company's products are designed, manufactured and marketed by a dedicated team of R&D, production, testing, sales and marketing professionals. Many networks are already based on WizLAN's cutting-edge and reliable products. WizLAN has an established install-base of satisfied customers and partners worldwide. While WizLAN’s products are sold globally through a combination of local distributors, system integrators and VARs, we also have several OEM and private label clients. 

Quality Commitment

WizLAN is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and the company’s high quality and maintenance-free products are CE approved. Always ready to listen and accommodate special customer requirements, our team is quickly responsive, and offers valuable network consulting services, as well as skillful technical support.

Bottom Line!

As part of WizLAN's continuous commitment to bring you Freedom of Connectivity, the company races forward with it’s R&D efforts, to expand it’s product base of wise choice, high quality, innovative solutions, at competitive prices.
Recent News
25 March, 2015
CYBERTECH 2015 the event for Cyber Industry in Tel-Aviv ISRAEL

11 November, 2014
WizLAN release WSD-6 - Single / Uni-Directional Gigabit Network/Data Diodes
ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

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RoHS 2002/905/EC

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