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WizLAN is a leading manufacturer of high quality  fiber-optic connectivity solutions geared for Industrial, security, Corporate and Cyber Security Networking. WizLAN's Specialized solutions cater to the needs of  Metro/security Connectivity, Cyber Security, Office Access, Residential Access, and Industrial/Outdoor Networking markets as well as network infrastructure for Control, Surveillance and Security systems.

WizLAN is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and the products comply to ROHS.

WizLAN’s products will help you to build, extend, enhance and empower your network and provide a reliable secured infrastructure for service and network applications.

Tip of the Month

Safe-City, Security, Surveillance and Control Networks - WI-1200

The ultimate Industrial/Outdoor networking building block.

Critical Infrastucture, Security, Survailance and Industrial networks require highly reliable and secured network infrastructure connecting PoE and non-PoE endpoint devices such as video cameras, WiFi access points, sensors & control devices, PLC, Industrial PC etc. .
All require utmost & uncompromised availability, reliability and functionality.

The WI-1200 Industrial/Outdoor versative Gigabit PoE++ switch provides it all!

WI-1200 Info
Hot New Products

WSD-600 Gigabit Uni-Directional Network to Network Data Diode

WSD-600 Gigabit UniDirectional Network to Network

WSD-6 Gigabit Network/Data Diode. Fully secured Uni-Directional Access and Data Transfer

WSD-6 Gigabit Network/Data Diode. Fully secured Un

WM-1200 Gigabit PoE Metro Switch

WM-1200 Gigabit PoE Metro Switch

WI-1200 Industrial/Outdoor Ultra-PoE Gigabit Switch

WI-1200 Data Sheet Safe-City and CityNet networks Critical Infrastructure, Ind. and Sec. networks

Cyber Security Network/Data Diode Products

VIT-400 Network to Network Diode WSD-2/TXO and RXO F/O Net. Diode VIT-42/TX & RX F/O Network Diode

Uninterrupted PoE/PoE+ Metro Switch

WUP-806 Uninterrupted, PoE+ Switch

Gigabit PoE+ Installation/Duct Switch for 45x45 systems

WP-690B - Gigabit PoE+ Installation/Duct Switch


WI-210/PoE Ind./Outdoor PoE Conv. WI-210 Ind./Outdoor Enhanced Conv. WL-620B Triple Speed Gigabit Conv. WL-600 A/N Gigabit Converter
Recent News
25 March, 2015
CYBERTECH 2015 the event for Cyber Industry in Tel-Aviv ISRAEL

11 November, 2014
WizLAN release WSD-6 - Single / Uni-Directional Gigabit Network/Data Diodes

11 November, 2014
WizLAN release WSD-600 - Single / Uni-Directional Gigabit Network to Network Data Diodes.

23 June, 2014
WizLAN summarize Great IFSEC London Show

30 April, 2014
Attending IFSEC International, B-100 in LONDON June 17-19 2014. See our NETWORK CYBER SECURITY

11 March, 2014
WizLAN release WI-1200 - Industrial/Outdoor Ultra PoE Gigabit Switch, Cyber Security Ready

6 June, 2013
WP-690B Newsletter

1 May, 2013
Cyber Securtiy - WSD and VectorIT transparent Network Diodes
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